In order to understand what action is in relation to the school context and
within the PYP, school practitioners must examine their own beliefs and
personal/professional involvement with taking action.

Session Starter: How will we work together? What does a learner do to get the most out of learning?

(refer to Kath Murdoch)
Ask Questions for clarification; be honest about confusion and uncertainty
Take notes: clear, thorough
Remain open minded be willing to review change thinking
Seek connections between ideas presented and own context
Willingly participates in all tasks
Stay focused avoid distractions
Makes a plan how you will apply your learning
Enjoy the learning relax and remain curious
Offer ideas and suggestions to the others

Profile on table.
Brainstorm and list ways these words will guide our learning the next two days
Ask your self "How will "X" help guide our working agreement for the workshop?"

The Learner Profile and Inquiry will guide our two days together. (refer to The Primary Years Programme: A basis for practice
page 4)

Introduce the Parking Lot-Burning Questions

Compass Points: When thinking about our next two days......
  1. E = Excited
    What excites you about this idea or proposition? What’s the upside?

  2. W = Worrisome
    What do you find worrisome about this idea or proposition? What’s the downside?

  3. N = Need to Know
    What else do you need to know or find out about this idea or proposition? What additional information would help you to evaluate things?

  4. S = Stance or Suggestion for Moving Forward
    What is your current stance or opinion on the idea or proposition? How might you move forward in your evaluation of this idea or proposition?

Whole group share- We'll refer back to the "Need to Know" and Stance/Suggestion" over the two days. It will help drive the workshop.

Learning Experiences

Part 1. Personnal Connections to Action (Personnal, shared, Whole group reflection)
-What personnal or professional actions have led me here today?
-What action have I taken in my life professionally? Personally? (why did you take the action? How did you take the action-What strategies? What was the result? What did you learn? Was there a next action?)
-How would I currently define action in the PYP?

Part 2. Action Mess- Bundling
Guiding questions: What does action mean to you? What preconceptions do you have about action? What nouns, verbs come into your head when you think about action in the PYP?
1. Brainstorm by yourself in your workbook
2.Share ideas with your table group and write each new word on a paper strip
Bundle the words into groups. Look to cluster key concepts

Part 3.
As an individual and then a table come up with a definition of Action.

Primary Years Programme- A Basis for Practice