Successful inquiry leads to responsible action initiated by the student as a
result of the learning process

Quote: We need young men and women who are wide awake to the possibilities of alternate futures...We need inquisitive young people to grow into this new millennium who can ask those rude questions so many of us shy away from. - John Barrell

Session Starter:

At your table, arrange the phrases in the order that you think they should be achieved. Any challenges?

Learning Experience:

Jigsaw The First Part of Roger Hart's Article- Children's Participation from Tokenism to Citizenship
Make personal Connect Extend Challenge C E CH(agree or disagree). Explain your thoughts as you feed back.
What is participation? Thoughts?

Next plot your sentence strips of action seen in your school/community. Let's debate!
Add any further ideas describing other activities you see being done in your school.

As a group let's review the ladder. Keep in mind the ladder is not about right and wrong but is developmental. The aim is for students to move along the ladder.

Place Mat activity on groups of four.
What do you think you know about Intrinsic Motivation?
Come up with a group definition.

Now think about the following and identify the degree to which you are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated to act.

To go to school each day
To participate in this workshop
To be sociable with colleagues
To be sociable outside the school setting
To exercise
To visit members of your family

Share my Summary of "What is Intrinsic Motivation? Bt Alfie Kohn.

Fundamental Concept:

Introduce Criteria Five– Involves action and reflection across the process.
  • Children have responsibility across the entire process and are able to witness the outcome if possible
  • Children have continous opportunities to reflect
  • This process involves different types of action and each has different processes and different consequences for students
  • Direct Action – Person to person
  • Indirect Action – Benefits a community
  • Advocacy for Action – creating awareness
  • Research for Action – finding, gathering and reporting information

Clear our Parking Lot.
What we've done today how does this impact your teaching? How does it impact your school?
Please reflect in a journal or add a discussion to the wiki?
Any more parking lot questions come to mind as a result of this reflection