Individuals can learn and assess the understanding, knowledge, skills and
attitudes that are required to take action

Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words for they become actions
Watch your actions, for they become habits
Watch your habits for they become your character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

Session Starter:
Write down your upcoming central idea on A3 and then post on the wall.

Gallery walk, looking for potential opportunities for action. Post your ideas on a post-it note.
Ask to write on big paper related concepts and key concepts. Critique UOI's through the lens of action. Is there a window of opportunity to take action. Take a gallery walk. Give ideas. Are there any words that lead to action. Underline. Jot down ideas. No idea is a wrong idea.
Look at someone else’s POI. Which units jump out at you as being rich in provocations for action. Discuss and share.

Learning Experience:
Join year level/age level groups.
Review POI for your age level that would provoke action as inquiry or social action and which focuses on the 21st Century
  • Identify the ‘issue’ or main idea
  • Related concepts and key concepts
  • Look to use words that lead to action in our central ideas- empower, challenge, enable, reach, discover, attain, effect, fulfill, execute, drive, inspire

Fundamental Concept:
Can action be assessed?

Where in the profile is Action found?
Students have skills and attitudes that lead to taking action
Students can reflect on their experiences and make more informed, independent choices
We provide opportunities for student action to be an integral part of the curriculum and /or extension of the curriculum