When individuals understand the central idea, they should naturally be lead to

Quote:To know and not to do is not to know

Session Starter:
Watch this video and reflect on the different Skills, Attitudes, Concepts, Knowledge and profile traits that are present.
Share with someone you haven't worked with yet.

What other thoughts came to mind? (besides the ones I'm asking for)
Does this type of learning happen in your classroom, your school, your community?

Learning Experience:

Let's look at planners and look to see if Action is appearing in Box 2 and not just Box 8.
Take some time to add to your reflections about how this impacts you as a teacher.

Let's Make A Personal Action Plan

Clear the Parking Lot

Fundamental Concept:

If Anyone Cared:

Connection: Ordinary people take action all the time. Ensure that the concept of action is in the language of students, and that it connects with their everyday reality.
Revisit the CSI.

I used to Think and Now I think...