One last strategy that I failed to mention over the two days, is using Children's Literature to model action. There are countless stories out there that involve a character taking action.

Some Miscellaneous websites that every PYP teacher should know about.

Math Pickle
Colours in Motion

Kids are heroes- video and web site

IB Videos: IB tv

How can Action be taken in the Art room?

I asked our two Art Teachers for things they look for, and this is what they said...

For younger students it is about showing appreciation, bringing in things they can use in art(recycled materials), and self management issues that continue to improve in the art room.

For older students it's about bringing in interesting materials(Feel this/touch this type things), photos of interesting art or artists and sharing their perspectives without provocation. It's also about sharing a trip to an art gallery, or sharing something(perhaps by taking a picture on their Iphones) they have made at home, or seen in a store/market etc.